The Team

Adam Myron - CEO

Adam Myron

CEO and Global Business Development

18 years of experience in management, marketing and business development. Prior experience includes position as CEO of the Bar Association Publication (development of products and technologies for the legal community) and as marketing manager at various companies in the internet technology industry.
MBA (Marketing) and LLB, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Jonathan (Jony) Rosenne - Founder and General Director

Jonathan (Jony) Rosenne

Founder and Chief Scientist

One of the top international experts in the field of Financial Information Security, HSMs and Encryption.
Prior experience includes co-founding Mamram (IDF’s central computing system unit) and serving as Project Manager at the European Space Agency. He also held several senior banking related positions at IBM.

Liora Amir - Director of Development

Liora Amir


Leads specification and design processes for products and services, while managing the company’s Development Team.
Expert in Mainframe and Open Systems.
Fifteen years of development experience.
Served as System Development Team Leader at Amdocs for 12 years.

Evi Porat - Development Team Leader

Evi Porat

Development Team Leader

Responsible for the development team.
Four years of experience in the ATM, HSM, information security and financial encryption industry.
B.Sc., Mathematics and Computer Science (with honors), Bar Ilan University, Israel.