Success Stories

A Golden Partnership

The collaboration between QSM and Bank of Jerusalem helped create QSwitch, a universal financial switch that manages the bank’s ATM network.

In 2012, the management of Bank of Jerusalem decided to establish an ATM chain, which did not exist at the bank at the time. The bank’s goal was to create better, more effective customer service within the bank’s branches – and it was therefore decided to invest in the most advanced ATM machines in the market, which allow customers to deposit and withdraw cash, print information sheets, deposit singular and bulk checks, and more.

Bank of Jerusalem selected QSM as its software provider, and NCR as its ATM hardware provider. The project, which lasted six months, initiated the production of QSwitch, which was developed on the basis of former MF software and years of ATM experience, and became QSM’s flagship solution for banking and credit card ATM data and communication transference. Development of QSwitch was executed in alignment with Bank of Jerusalem’s R&D, infrastructure and QA staff. Simultaneously, the bank developed a branch payment authorization system with Matrix Company.

An additional aspect of the project included adding Bank of Jerusalem as an additional bank within Automatic Bank Services (SHVA) – Israel’s banking defrayment system. Bank of Jerusalem is the first bank to join SHVA in almost 30 years.

The project was successfully marketed in 2013, and today Bank of Jerusalem operates dozens of ATM’s at its branches throughout Israel, to the satisfaction of its customers.

Michael Tayer, Deputy CEO and Resource Division Manager

While the addition of ATM’s to the bank’s branches was a regulative procedure, it has contributed to the bank’s efficiency and to customer satisfaction. The bank found QSM to be a loyal, professional and committed partner that specializes in establishing a long-term client/supplier relationship.

Success Stories

POS for Two

When Caspit and Gama – two leading companies operating within Israel’s financial sector – decided to establish a new POS network together, they turned to QSN for top-of-the-line technological solution.

In 2013 Caspit, an advanced payment terminal solution supplier, and Gama, a financial services provider, decided to collaborate in innovative fashion. The two companies, which are leaders in their respective fields of expertise in Israel, decided to establish a joint Point of Sale (POS) network that would combine their mutual professional capabilities.

Caspit and Gama turned to QSM to provide a solution for the new POS network. The two companies decided to acquire and utilize QSM’s proven QSwitch software as a compatible POS switching and managing solution.

Solution development took a year to complete – light speed when it comes to a project of such caliber. Today, hundreds of POS payment terminals throughout Israel are connected to QSM’s QSwitch, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Ariel Genut, Gama CEO

I give QSM a 100 for their professionalism and for treating this project  like a partner and not like a supplier. This is a rare grade in the IT field.

Meir Ran, Caspit CEO

I am pleased with the collaboration with QSM and the establishment of our innovative system.